---Current Condition---

During the Storm of Chaos the Forest of Athel Loren had been invaded and suffered great wounds from the massive beastmen army led by Morghur, yet the Wood Elves emerged victorious. As winter approaches and the forest returns to slumber, with it many of the Wood Elves within, they leave its defense to the Eternal Guard and Waywatchers. Yet Wood Elf influence will not disappear from the world, the opposite in fact, as The Secret War continues and Ariel has directed for more efforts in the wider world beyond the forests edge.

Recent Activity:

  • As the winds grow chill and the first fingers of autumn grip parts of Athel Loren, Orion begins to weary of the hunt. He has retreated to the Great Hall to feast and celebrate his great victories of the summer, his exploits now retold in the songs and dances of his subjects. Winter comes soon bringing the Time of Dying, and before the cold touch of snow falls upon the mystical forest of Athel Loren, Ariel bends her will to healing the lands despoiled by the Beastmen. The forest itself has claimed many victims, the blood and flesh of fallen mutants nourishing the magically-charged soil of Athel Loren. The haunting melodies of the Dryads and the bass rumblings of the Treemen echo through the boles of the trees, singing of the long depredations suffered at the hands of the kin of Morghur and the joy of victory.
  • Many Wood Elves begin traveling the world under the instruction of Ariel to wage The Secret War on a wider scale. 

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