---Current Condition---

The Dwarfen people have held strong through the Storm and while they lost no Karak many dwarfs were slain and the battle still rages on for them. For each grudge settled a new one took its place. Now the Dwarfen people must remain cautious as they defend their homes as their allies, the Empire, are severely crippled. Any mistake could lead to great loss. Yet in hundreds of years the Dwarfen people have not been as united as they are now under High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

Recent Activity:

  • Karaz-a-Karak is still under siege by the Orks coming from the Badlands and Darklands. The Skaven have also begun pushing up towards the city from their Under-Empire placing the Dwarfs in a two-front war.
  • Karak-Kadrin is still under constant attack by the Orks left by Grimgor Ironhide's passing. This is a disorganized assault (even by Ork standards) with the attack mainly avoiding the Karak itself. It is believed the Dwarfs will break this soon.

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