---Current Condition---

Like all of the civilized world Kislev suffered greatly under the Storm of Chaos but held out in the end. With the major city of Erengrad having fallen and the city of Praag still under constant attack, Kislev has its hands full as the broken remnants of Archaon's army pours through its lands in their retreat northward.

Recent Activity:

  • Boyar Alexi Makarev, having fought valiantly in the defense of Middenheim, rides with all speed to his homeland to assist in the reclamation of Erengrad. Having disobeyed the wishes of the Ice Queen and ridden south to the Empire, it remains to be seen what kind reception he will receive.
  • Erengrad remains in Chaos control. Kislevite and Imperial forces push towards the city.
  • Praag has been turned into an eternal battleground as more and more of the servants of Chaos pour north to regroup then assault the city. Praag being a cursed place already, daemons stalk the battlefield regularly. Kislev has dedicated much of its forces to the city's defense with more reinforcements on the way not only from Kislev but also the Empire and Dwarfen kingdoms.

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