---Current Condition---

The Lizardmen of Lustria find themselves in a state of recovery after the massive invasion by the Dark Elf Cult of Slaanesh led by Morathi and their Hung allies. While they did eventually push them out, Lustria remains in a state of turmoil.

Recent Activity:

  • Though a few smaller temples have given up their prizes to Morathi's Cult of Slaanesh, the great temple-cities have held back the Dark Elves' attacks. With armies from Hexoatl now controlling the northern jungles of Lustria, and fearing that her warriors may become surrounded, Morathi has ordered her generals to the western coast where the Black Arks: Tower of Bloodied Enlightenment and Palace of Defilement, await the cultists. Small bands of Dark Elves escape to the north, some of them carrying chests of gold and gems, but few of the sacred artifacts of the Old Ones. The Slann, relieved of the burden of protecting the incalculably important heirlooms within their temple-cities, can now once more turn their minds to the fallen gateway in the north and the flood of raw Chaos that is polluting the world.

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