---Current Condition---

Seeing an opportunity during the Storm of Chaos the Druchii expanded rapidly attempting, and in many cases succeeding, in making gains. Although they were eventually pushed out of Ulthuan they inflicted a massive amount of damage upon their hated cousins and took many High Elven slaves. This is added to the riches and artifacts of power taken from Lustria by the Cult of Slaanesh lead by Morathi. All is not well within the realm of the Druchii however as rising tensions between the Cult of Khaine and the resurgent Cult of Slaanesh could result in civil war and many Dark Elves consider the loss in Ulthuan to be Morathi's fault for splitting their forces just before the invasion. With the Witch King wounded he turns his baleful eye back to his people ever plotting to assure his rule yet he has given no official stance on the rising tensions between the two cults.

Recent Activity:

  • Dark Elf Lokhir Fellheart loots the sunken ruins of the Lizardmen city of Chypayotl and finds the Helm of the Kraken.
  • Morathi has heard rumor that Hellebron has moved against the newly founded Temple of Slaanesh in Naggarond, and is returning to the capital of Naggaroth to see off the Witch Queen's challenge. It is likely that the encounter will be bloody, as followers of both sects seek to dispose of their rivals. A potential civil war could erupt if the situation is not brought back under control.

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