---Current Condition---

For many leagues north of the Mortis River, the Tomb Kings have laid claim to lost lands. Legions hundreds strong stand ready at the old ruins of the Nehekharan outposts, while the vultures and wolves feed upon the dead Orcs and the other usurpers of the Badlands. These lands, known in the tongue of Khemri as Anah-Kehzzar, are but shattered shells of their former glory. Most tombs lie empty or those interred within do not stir to the call of the Liche Priests. Lying beyond the ancient boundaries of Nehekhara, the kings and princes buried in Anah-Kehzzar were mostly unaffected by the great spell unleashed by Nagash and still slumber in death's embrace. His challenge unanswered, Settra has withdrawn from Nagashizzar, conscious of the forces gathering on the shores of the Sour Sea. A guard has been set on the ancient citadel, to keep watch for any sign that its dark inhabitants are readying once more to unleash their evil upon the world.

Recent Activity:

  • Nagashizzar has come under Tomb King control. They have set a guard on the place with the intent to never allow the place's dark secrets to fall into the wrong hands but already a force of vampires have landed upon the shores of the Sour Sea. Nagashizzar could soon become an eternal battleground of never-dying armies.
  • The Tomb Kings have slowly expanded northward challenging the Greenskins for control of the southern sections of the Badlands.

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