---Current Condition---

Having dedicated vast amounts of its warriors to the Storm of Chaos Norsca to sits in a state of recovery. Yet the forces of Chaos never dwindle and already tribe after tribe rises up within the region destroying the weakened tribes for their failures in the Storm. It is unclear where these tribes suddenly appeared from yet can anything be clear so far north? One thing is for certain though, the threat of the Northmen will not halt anytime soon and already a new generation of Chaos rises.

Recent Activity:

  • The remnants of Archaon's forces retreat northward often joining the battles still raging within Kislev or the sieges of the Dwarfen strongholds in the north but some return to Norsca.
  • New tribes previously unseen in Norsca have suddenly appeared. Where these tribes originate from is unclear yet they claim to have formed within Norsca itself. Many see Chaos at work and think these new tribes may be favored over the old because of their failure during the Storm. Yet can anything be certain?

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