---Current Condition---

Showing caution where his forerunners did not, Mannfred Von Carstein led his undead army back to Sylvania where he engaged the Kurgan Chaos army led by Crom the Conqueror. While Mannfred lost the majority of his new army in the process he defeated the Chaos force; refusing to engage Crom in a duel after seeing his skill and instead killing the man with his mastery over both the Lore of Vampires and the Lore of Death. Replenishing some of what he lost with the corpses of the fallen Kurgan warriors Mannfred works to fortify his position as ruler of Sylvania.

Recent Activity:

  • Vampires of all bloodlines have "awakened" believing that the prophesied time of "The Thousand Thrones" is nearing. They have begun establishing their power bases in preparation.

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