---Current Condition---

Having struck out against the Empire, and all non-chaotic things, the Beastmen too were beaten back by the forces of order. Now they have retreated into the shadowy places of the world to regroup and continue their raids against all things - just like they always have. It could be said that the Beastmen as a whole have not been effected much by the Storm.

Recent Activity:

  • Khazrak One-Eye has vanished into the Drakwald with Boris Todbringer and his forces searching for him.
  • To the west, during the storm the Beastmen assaulted the magical forest of Athel Loren but were pushed back after a great bloodbath by the Wood Elves. Vanquished, cowed by the fury of the forest, they slink through the guardian stones, taking out their petty anger on villagers and livestock, retreating back to the Vaults and the Forest of Chalons. It will be a while before the fires burn bright at the herdstones again, for there are hundreds of warbands that will no longer fight, dozens of shamans who will no longer bring the blessings of the gods. But Morghur still remains, and while he lives, the Beasts will forever turn their jealous eye towards the enchanted realm of Athel Loren.
  • Two powerful Beastman rise among the scattered tribes of the Drakwald - Shaman Urslak Cripplehorn and Gargorath the God-Touched. Shaman Urslak's plan is to cast a mighty ritual that will transform everyone living in the forests of the Empire into Beastmen using enchanted menhir. Gargorath's herd will grow huge by the end of year, when he plans to move them against the Empire.

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