---Current Condition---

The Empire has barely survived the onslaught that was the Storm of Chaos. It now struggles to recover from the invasion with its armies attempting to chase the remnants of Archaon’s forces from its lands. Weakened as it is the Empire has hard times ahead of it and the shadows always stir with new threats.

Recent Activity:

  • Grand Theogonist Johann Esmer III flees to Marienburg before Volkmar the Grim returns to Altdorf. There isn't much support for Esmer, but he is still saying that he is the rightful Theogonist and speaking against Volkmar. When Volkmar returns he takes over the Templars of Sigmar. Volkmar gives them even more rights to find the servants of the Dark Gods. 
  • Archaon’s Horde had spread misery and death across Ostland, Hochland, Nordland, and Middenland. Tens of thousands are homeless and starving. Their fields burned and their homes left in ruins. Confronted by the full horror of Chaos many were driven insane. The forests are crawling with soldiers and peasants who had abandoned their gods and bartered their souls to the all conquering influence of the Ruinous Powers. Though Middenheim had been defended to the last and Archaon’s horde was shattered, the remnants of these warbands and Beast Herds still lurk throughout the northern Empire. The lands above the Talabec River are rife with danger.
  • Zundap was overrun with verminous Skaven, who had turned the old steam mill into an unholy hive of rat creatures. 
  • Brass Keep has become home to strange beasts and twisted spawn. The warriors of the Dark Gods gather within its ruined towers and corridors.
  • It is little surprise that Boris Todbringer has led the White Wolves and the remnants of the forces of Middenland into the south and west, seeking a sign of Khazrak's whereabouts. His search is cautious though, for he knows well the dangers of fighting in the Drakwald. His forces have engaged with many remnants of the beastmen hordes and emerged successful but some say another large-scale battle approaches as reports of a large beastherd gathering near Untergard come in.
  • Helmut Feuerbach, Elector Count of Talabecland, survived the failed attack against Archaon in 2521, with Volkmar the Grim, but he has since not returned to his people from the Storm of Chaos and is feared dead by many. With him also disappeared the Knights of the Red Shield.
  • The Emperor, Karl Franz I, has summoned the Supreme Patriarch, Balthasar Gelt, to secret counsel within Altdorf for unknown purposes.
  • The Emperor, Karl Franz I, has issued the "Reclamation Reward" in which any Imperial citizen that takes contract at the city of Middenheim, the sight of Archaon's breaking, and successfully resettles assigned land within the damaged provinces of Ostland, Hochland, Nordland, and Middenland, as well as maintains this holding for six months will be rewarded 25 silver shillings and exclusion from the Fifteenths and Tenths tax for that year on top of keeping the assigned property. This has given hope and purpose to the hordes of refugees that had fled south and now a wave of people looking to start new lives in the north surge toward Middenheim.

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