---Current Condition---

As Chaos touched the world during the Storm for the first time the scattered kingdoms of Estalia suffered a Chaos incursion as cults suddenly sprung up throughout the region. Corruption spread like wildfire and the region was gripped with fear as it was unclear who exactly could be trusted as betrayal after betrayal rippled across their civilization. Cities burned and thousands died until ultimately a sudden resistance movement rose up and began a systematic purging of the region. These purges were ruthless, killing many innocents as well as corrupted, but did succeed in destroying the Chaos threat. Now, having lost much of its structure during the Storm, the region sits in a state of recovery.

Recent Activity:

  • Much of Estalia has been ruined due to the massive Chaos uprising.
  • Any faction remaining with even a small amount of power is struggling to regain control and rebuild.
  • Rumors speak of an Imperial Priest of Sigmar that began the purges by single highhandedly throwing down daemon and cultist alike within the city of Bilbali destroying one of the many Cult's leaders. It is said this feat sparked the inspiration that lead so many into the crusade-like purge. Yet if such an event did occur the man cannot be found now.

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