---Current Condition---

The Greenskin's had a good fight during the Storm of Chaos and their wave of violence continues even now. It is a good time to be an Ork.

Recent Activity:

  • A massive Greenskin horde from the Badlands and Darklands is laying siege to the Dwarfen capital of Karaz-a-Karak. Within this horde there is a considerable amount of infighting as the siege draws out and countless warboss's try to assert their dominance.
  • Karak-Kadrin is being attacked by remnant hordes left by Grimgor's passing. This is a disorganized assault (even by Ork standards) with the attack mainly avoiding the actual Karak. It is believed the Dwarfs will break this soon.
  • Many Greenskins have opposed the Tomb King expansion from the south and fighting continues along the southern reaches of the Badlands. With the undead's attentions turned eastward Greenskin forces are taking the opportunity to mass for a rebuttal.

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