---Current Condition---

Before the Storm of Chaos the Ogres, having grown even more numerous and wealthy under the rule of Greasus Goldtooth, found their population becoming too large for the Mountains of Mourn. Luckily this problem would be solved for them as Grimgor Ironhide led a massive Ork WAAAGH into the Darklands to do battle against the Chaos Dwarfs. The Ogres gathered and as Grimgor moved on towards the Road of Skulls the Ogres tried their own hand against the Chaos Dwarfs. While the Chaos Dwarfs maintained their holdings the Ogres cut a bloody feast from them. Then, ever hungry, they turned on the Kurgan forces led by Crom the Conquer after he crossed into the Darklands. Ultimately the Ogre forces were pushed back to their homes in the Mountains of Mourn but their population problem had been solved and those who survived had gorged themselves gleefully.

Recent Activity:

  • Life has returned much to the way it was before the Storm for the Ogres although now their numbers are fewer than before - which is good, for both the Ogres and the rest of the world.

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