---Current Condition---

The Skaven Empire has struck out across the globe on a scale yet unseen in their history. While they were eventually forced back underground they had captured slaves in great numbers and killed many more. Within Skaven society itself the clans have been whipped up into a flurry as they strike out in every direction; as warriors return they begin to struggle with each other for dominance. While the Horned Rat will surely step in before his subjects can destroy themselves completely, he has yet to due so, and the seers believe he is letting the Skaven cull the weak and reestablish a new power structure with this sudden influx of great wealth. The Skaven Empire is in a state of change as plot after plot reveal themselves.

In the world above the existence of the Skaven remains the stuff of stories but with so many tales coming about encounters with man sized rats and whole cities disappearing in the night more and more are giving credit to the concept.

Recent Activity:

  • The Skaven Empire is locked in a civil war. Clans attack clans as plots after plots are enacted. New clans rise in fall almost daily but which will remain in power when the dust settles?
  • After launching countless successful raids upon the surface world the Skaven return to their underground empire with an extreme amount of wealth both in goods and slaves. It is this new wealth that has stirred this civil war.
  • Seeking to exploit the massive Greenskin siege of Karaz-a-Karak Skaven strike forces have infiltrated the countless tunnels in the fortress's depths seeking to loot and help destroy the hated Dwarfs in any way they can.
  • The old steam mill of Zundap has been overrun and turned into a hive of Skaven.
  • Even as they wage war against each other many Skaven are already plotting new attacks against the weakened Empire hoping to gain more riches to get ahead of the other clans.
  • A massive Skaven force from the Blighted Marshes crushes the defending mercenary army and sacks the city of Miragliano. The disgraced former Imperial Count Leopold von Stroheim - once an aspirant to the lordship of the fledgling province of Neuland on the island of Albion - led the remnants of the defeated force through the Blighted Marshes until cornered and destroyed by a force led by Warlord Quickpaw and Grey Seer Squelch.

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