---Current Condition---    

Just as the Old World has been ravaged by the Storm of Chaos Ulthuan was ravaged by the Dark Elf forces of The Witch King Malekith. Although they were able to repel these invaders, with Eltharion the Grim wounding the Witch King himself, they did so at great cost. It could be said that Ulthuan is in a worse state than the Old World yet without High Elf presence the Old World would collapse as surely as if Archaon had taken Middenhiem. The High Elves must split their attention and weigh the risks and rewards of each action if they are to survive the coming years.  

Recent Activity:  

  • Lord Aislinn and his warriors of Lothern have been ruthless in their patrols of the Sea of Claws, slaying thousands of warriors destined for the coasts of Nordland and Kislev. It is unknown to the northmen that Lord Aislinn has returned his fleet to Ulthuan to help reinforce and rebuild from the Dark Elf threat but the terror among the Norse tribes that he is still prowling the waves is enough that the seas remain free of their longships. How long that fear will remain cannot be judged, and perhaps as soon as next summer, the Dragonships and Hawkships of Ulthuan will be sorely missed.  
  • High Elven activity in the outside world decreases drastically as most return to Ulthuan to join the efforts to rebuild. Much of their island home has been desolated by the Druchii and the wounds shall be slow to heal. If they are not careful this most recent wound could bleed their people dry.  
  • Despite the desperate situation within Ulthuan Funibar has pushed for continued High Elven influence in the Old World believing that without them the humans and dwarfs will fall into ruin.  

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